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fiveforfaith's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in fiveforfaith's LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 12th, 2006
11:08 pm
Was closin in fast on the last blood sucker in his gang. Sent four of his pals off to dustvilel already and no way was I lettin this bastard get away. Cornered him in a dead end alley. Sweet, no more chase. Just had to saunter up and plant my stake in his heart. Heard the clap of thunder overhead and looked up for a second. Weird, didn't smell like rain. Saw a streak of light flash toward me and.

What the....

Ow. Hit the ground hard, rolling onto my side. Didn't like being on my back, never had, never would. Felt the ground underneath me, flat, hard, kinda warm. Weird, ground usually didn't stay warm at night. Where was that vamp? Jumped up, looking around an alley. 'Cept it wasn't the right one. No vamp.


Reached for the extra stake I kept tucked in my waistband on my backside, all I got was a good feel of my ass. Ok, funny. Where'd my pants go? And...looked down, gettin an eyefull of my birthday suit. Damn, was I on a bad trip or somethin? Turned around, makin sure the vamp hadn't snuck around behind me and all I saw was one shocked lookin bum starin at me. Old perv. He froze, starin at my tits now. Smirked at him, tilting my head to look behind him.

"Bet I made your night huh Gramps?" Didn't wait for dude to answer, just stepped forward and clocked him with a left hook. Snatched what sorta passed for a cleanish lookin blanket and twenty bucks outta his pocket before I hightailed it outta there. Nobody gets a free show.

(Open for anyone who wants to mess with Faithy)
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
10:22 pm
This jail thing, kind of not completly shitty. Once you get used to the place, fall into the same daily routine, it gets easy. Well easier anyway, had to beat down my fair share of Betsys and Berthas when I got here, but everyone caught on real fast.

I'm Faith, straight up killer. Angel shows up once in a while to give me his redemption pep talks, keep walkin the line of straight and narrow, don't kill people, blah blah, guy even tried to slip me a Manilow cd. Had to tell him we don't get a lot of time to chill with the jukebox.

Had a couple chances to knock off girls in here, but I haven't taken em. Don't get me wrong, they come at me with shanks and I shake holdin myself back from giving them what they deserve. Its almost always some rookie that has to try me. Come and fight Faith, see what happens ladies. Think it makes the guards nervous, they seem to be able to tell I'm holding back in fights. Considerin they have the guns and fun handcuffs don't see why I keep getting the evil eye from 'em.

Hell maybe its all in my head, psycho girl that is me, itchin for a fight when there isn't one to be had. Could be I'm gettin crazier, with my screwed up dreams. Nobody gets to know about those, had one cellmate name of Sarah who kept asking me about why I woke up screaming at all hours. Only answer she got was "Five by five." Same answer everyone else gets. She got transfered to a new cell real fast, leavin me with my own private deal.

Nothin' for me to do but do my time, take my turns in the exercise yard, follow the routine. Everythings routine here, everything is five by five.
10:19 pm
Instantly awake at the noise I looked around, confused. What were the guards doin here this early? Wake up call isn't until six, and this was definatly before six. This was like three and I was so not happy with this. Tappin a billy club against the bars I saw a group of guards outside in the hall.

"On your feet prisoner 430019."

Blinking I yawned, getting off the cot and standing there dumbly as a pair of shackles was tossed in the cell and a flashlight hit me in the eyes, making me wince and look away.

"Sure thing boys. What is this a surprise birthday party for me? Hell, it ain't even my birthday." Smirked picking up the shackles and putting them on my wrists.

"Silence." The door swung open and a pair of hands pulled me out of my cell. Finally figured out which guard it was. New guy, what was his name? Oh yeah, Ron. Cocky asshole, does he want to tussel with me or something? Guess he didn't get the word I wasn't the one to mess with.

Everyone has to try. Damn, and I was really hoping to get that good behavior deal going so I could have a couple extra channels on the tube in my cell. So much for that. Got pulled into one of the solitary confinment cells, a couple more guards waiting there. Looked like they weren't takin any chances of me winning this little throwdown.

Worse has some funCollapse )

Woke up on the floor of my cell, bruised and sore. I couldn't even manage to stand, feeling my busted ribs shifting as I crawled toward the bunk. Dragged myself up into bed, pulling the blanket over the top of my body, feeling cold. My chest itched and I reached a sore hand to rub it, feeling something sticky flake off. Bastards... didn't care about eating or going in the yard, today I had to sleep.

Redemption is a bitch.
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